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So let me give a little background on myself. In my late 20s is when i started working out and getting really serious into i had a coach and diet planner the whole 9. Also with the coach he had me setup on cycles to which many years later i barely remember what i took and how much of each. I seperated some tendons from my delt during a heavy dumbell press and wasnt able to lift for 4 years... well i could do legs and some core excercises but after doing that over and over i said fuck it and grew roots on my couch.

Late 2018 i was feel lathargic and always exhaust so i went to the docs and found out my T was in the dumps, she litterally said i was ready for retirement that i was so low i was about a 70yr old man with barely over 100 it was 109 to be exact for my T score. I was going to go the Dr route but being as impatient as i am and being from Vegas i didnt want to wait 10 weeks for my appointment ( i called several places and 10 weeks was the shortest time ) so on a job in california i meet a guy and we bullshit about working out and taking test, to which he says he can get so i said sure why not at this point i was tired of being tired, he gets me Tren E 100mg/ml and test E 300mg/ml and says take them every other day 1cc of each which hey i thought the guy was knowledgable so thats what i started to do.

After a few weeks i head back home for another job and ran into a guy i know who knew more about Taking test andi asked him and he said take it every 5 days for 1cc of each. So being conflicted i figured ill take it twice a week at 1cc each which doing that ive seen some amazing results. So i guess what im looking for is if someone can maybe help me with a cycle or let me know when and how much. Im 6ft 215lbs with a BF around 14%. I have no problem following a plan but since i just started back in the gym 2 months ago i literally dont know anyone anymore who i can turn to for advice.

Wow I'd wait a little longer bro 2 months is nothing really.
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I find it funny all everyone sees is 2 months... thats 2 months back ive lifted since highschool and got really serious about it in my late 20s so ive lifted for around 12 years previous to my hiatus
Hiatus is the key word... At least get your muscle memory back. You're just probably barely getting over the soreness and you want to do a cycle. Really?
Id say my muscle memory is pretty much back by what ive been lifting i feel pretty good my deadlift set i finish my 4th set with 405 x 6 after doing a 315 × 12. My dumbell press i do 4 sets of 12 to 15 with the 90s. The strength and everything is there its not like i lost a ton during my vacay from the gym. Im definetly not where i once was but im getting closer day by day and at a pretty fast rate.
you dont have to be where you were etc but you need more time in there than 3 months man... its not smart at all... i know im not advising it...
Well i can always hold out on the tren for now but as far as the test im definetly going to need to take it or ill never recover i doubt my natural T level will ever get back above 300. So is test e 2x a week too much?
If you need TRT then see a doctor. Dial your TRT in and after about a year on TRT you can do a cycle. You might not even need or want to do a cycle. You might be happy with TRT.
you need to have a doctor discuss trt with you, not ask people online, or friends etc... if you use tren, then im sorry, your just being ignorant as possible and thats just the truth
2cc of 300mg/ml of Test is 600mg/week. That’s a cycle there. You shouldn’t be over 200mg/week in order to feel optimal. The rest is just vanity.

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Im already about 3800 a day across 5 meals and 1 shake. But on a good note ill be picking up a trainer/coach again i ran into a guy thats been coaching for years and i remember him from 6 years ago. So hopefully he can get me in the right.direction again
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