Alcohol Drug Testing and SARM Use


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Hi all,

I just registered a new account and this is my first post but SWIM has a legit question he was unable to find in his search. If anyone is experienced in this situation he appreciates the input.

Someone I met gets random urine drug screens and wants to try MK-667. The random drug screens will not test for MK-667 but they do test for alcohol consumption. The test for alcohol is an EtG urine test that can detect ethyl glucoronide, a metabolite of ethanol consumption, up to 96 hours post consumption. The random urine drug screens are about once a month and will continue to the foreseeable future. It has been known to test false positive for alcohol consumption when consuming vanilla extract and with aggressive use of alcohol based cleansers among other examples.

How much alcohol is in the MK-667 solution? If you take 25 mg or 1 cc per day is this enough to trigger a false positive for an EtG test? He realizes the small amount is probably negligible and will not be detected but the EtG tests are quite sensitive. If you consume alcohol, even if in this MK-667 solution, some can potentially be metabolized to EtG and spill into the urine. Has anyone taken MK-667 or the different SARMs advertised and been subjected to EtG tests or other urinalysis and had a problem? Or is he overly cautious and regular use will not trigger the urine drug test in a negative way?

Of note: SWIM is notified at 8:00AM the urine sample must be collected on that day and typically is collected at 3:00PM. If the tested doses MK-667 at 9:00AM everyday they would have about 18 hours since the last dose to the time of the urine sample.

Thanks for the input!
Etg tests will not pick this up. I have been tested with it and passed.

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That is reassuring, still it doesn't hurt to hear any others firsthand experience. Thanks for your reply, OllieRBC.
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