1. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    So, I have been trying to google strongest sarm for lean muscle and so far I havent found any information what could be the strongest one. I am currently using Ostarine and I have to say it works nicely! (Its my 11th day now) I am doing a full 50 day log about it for you all to see, once I...
  2. J

    Decision made.

    After all the knowledge ive been soaking in? ive decided its still not enough for me to start my cycle. ive been in research now for about a year. And im still learning more important stuff every day With Anabolics. Sadly I still believe its not enough. so at this point in my life, Ive decided...
  3. foxb

    Do SARMs build muscle without training?

    You here a lot of guys "complaining" that "it is not fair" you build more muscle on steroids without training than a natural working out hard. Studies have shown that as well. Does anyone know SARMs do this as well? And to what extent? Anyone experience taking SARMs and noticing muscle gains...
  4. K

    What are the long term benefits of SARMS?

    This question assumes that a healthy lifestyle, optimal diet and training intensity continues long after SARM discontinuation: Question: Besides fat loss and muscle and strength gained, are there any lasting/long term benefits of SARM use? For instance: - long term health benefits? i.e...
  5. K

    Need help with a source check

    Hey guys, So I planned on purchasing a triple stack from SARMSx consisting of GW, S4 and Osta. However, I can only afford to buy a 3 month supply for TWO products from SARMSX. I have already purchased the GW, and now need to decide whether to buy the S4 or Osta from SARMSx. I will then buy the...
  6. J

    Need to pick ONE sarm for my cycle - which one fits best?

    Hey guys, So my initial plan was to run Cardarine, S4 and Osta for my Cut/Recomp 12 week cycle. Managed to get the Cardarine from SARMSx, but now I can only afford to buy ONE more SARMx product to add to my Cut/Recomp cycle, which should it be? To give some context, I have listed my goals...
  7. K

    Help with SARM cycle plan

    Hi, First post on the site. Feedback would be appreciated. Posting my Cycle plans below and my goals, let me know if they are reasonable! Current Stats: - 21 yr old male - 5ft 11 - 180 pounds (guessing around 16-18% bf) - On TRT dose test 90mg p/week (please don't trash me for being on...
  8. D

    Best Standalone SARM for Recomp

    Hey Dylan, what is the best standalone SARM for recomp? If you could only pick one SARM? Thanks
  9. D

    Can I add in SARMs to my Natty Cycle?

    Hey Dylan, I'm on a natty test booster cycle currently. (3500 mg DAA/ day, 300 mg tongkat Ali/day (Now Testojack 200), and Olympus Labs Elim1nate (75 mg/day). I'm 2 weeks in. If I want to start a SARM recomp cycle w/i a week, what SARMs would I do? What would my dosages be? Would I continue...
  10. H

    Sarms help

    Hey im a boy who is 19 years old and have trained for 1 year! and i just bought my first sarm witch is ostarine max? and i wonder what to do to get the full mass and gains from this sarm? anybody got any good program for the training? Änswer fast and nice please :) my email is...
  11. R

    Rad140 + DMZ

    I have been looking at a lot of sarms and prohormones just because I really enjoy reading about them. Just out of curiosity, what do you think about a DMZ and RAD140 stack? Not necessarily for me, but just the stack as a whole. Also, this is kind of a dumb question but it has me thinking. RAD140...
  12. K

    300 anavar help

    Hi Guys ! I'm new here, and after spending couple days on reading many threads and watching lot of Dylan's videos i'm 100% sure i just have to ask You about my next cycle. Before that, let me first show You my stats : Age 29 Height 194 Weight 92 kg Body fat 14,7 % 14 years of training...
  13. S

    Sarms replacing steroids on DNP and T3 cicle

    So, i'm 21 years old, been on the gym for 3 years, i'm at a 11~13% bf, i'm about to use t3 and dnp to really cut all the fat out. The thing is, whitout steroids i'll burn muscle, bone, fat, everything haha, and i dont want that to happen, but also i dont want to use gear now, so i was thinking...
  14. D

    Safe to begin a SARM cycle after its stacked with a SERM PCT?

    Hey guys, I'm currently on a 1 andro/4 andro cycle and I plan to start PCT after 6 weeks. My SERMS, Nolvadex and Clomid are in possession but I found out (thanks to the abundance of knowledge in this forum) that its wise to incorporate a PCT SARM stacked with Aromasin. Realizing their...
  15. S

    Sarm effect on testosterone/epitestosterone ratio

    Does anybody know the effect sarms have on test/epi ratio? As they are not technically steroids I'm guessing they don't show up as test and would they therefore lower the test/epi ratio? I could be wrong
  16. Blue_Shine

    Getting RADical with RAD-140 (Testolone)

    Disclaimer: If one chooses to supplement with a given compound, ultimately, the responsibility is on him/her to make sure they are well informed. This author feels that there is no substitute to making decisions based on guidelines set by professionals with experience using RAD-140. Dylan had...
  17. Blue_Shine

    LGD-4033 (Anabolicum): Human trials reveal...

    Disclaimer: If one chooses to supplement with a given compound, ultimately, the responsibility is on him/her to make sure they are well informed. This author feels that there is no substitute to making decisions based on guidelines set by professionals with experience using LGD-4033. This post...
  18. RK77

    First LGD-4033 & MK-677 12 weeks cycle log...genuine inside info

    First LGD-4033 & MK-677 12 weeks cycle log...inside view on SARM effectiveness Hey guys, in order to help all the members who are possibly considering running SARM cycle here's some personal experience & facts without exaggeration. For starters some numbers: Age: 39 Weight: 240 Height: 5' 11"...
  19. J

    Mk-677 vs CJC-1295+GHRP-6 as HGH Alternative

    Just researching all alternatives to HGH right now. It might come down to me just forking out the cash for GH, but having a hard time getting the wifes' approval haha. Any opinions are apprictaed, would love to hear from guys with experience with either and/or both!
  20. RK77

    First SARM cycle in consideration.... any advice highly appreciated!

    Hey guys! New to this forum & new to SARMS, in search for an advice. Being at age 39, 5' 11", 240 lbs and cca 16% bf I am now stronlgy considering 8 - 12 weeks LGD-4033 solo run. I am lifting since i was 19 years old ( almost 20 years ), always maintained healthy lifestyle, never took any AS...
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