1. L

    Next cycle help

    Dylan: I truly appreciate this incredible resource & trust the collective experience of all the members. Considering next cycle to start January ‘24 & would appreciate input. Background: 47 yr old M 5’10” 168lbs ~12% BF Struggled w/ weight since adolescence. Was my fattest (220lbs/~35% BF)...
  2. B

    T3 + Nolvadex + Proviron or HCG while on PCT/ TRT

    T3 + Nolvadex + Proviron or HCG opinion while on PCT/ TRT Hi Dylan Hope you and your family is safe and sound during these testing times . Now after my last short cycle of a mix of Tren+masteron + Test ( aka code name shred max - attached ) this was end of last year 2019, I was taking it a...
  3. B

    To Use HCG or Not?

    Firstly I’d like to start by posting my most current labs as of 10/30/2017: Prolactin: 6.5 (2-18 ng/mL) E2: 55 (< OR = 39 pg/mL) HIGH Test: 783 (250-827 ng/dL) FSH: 2.5 (1.6-8 mIU/mL) LH: 5.0 (1.5-9.3 mIU/mL) TESTOSTERONE, FREE: 86.9 (46.0-224.0 pg/mL) SHBG: 50 (10-50 nmol/L) As you would...
  4. B

    Has anybody used hipocampus as of recent?

    Hey Guys I'm about to run a second pct as I haven't recovered fully and I want to move on from research chemicals. I stumbled across and it claims to be selling legit pharma grade products. I'm interested in buying proviron, clomid and nolva. Has anybody bought from them...
  5. B

    Need Help Recovering, advice please!

    Here's my current bloodwork: Test : 540 (standard range 249.0 - 836.0) LH: 4.1 FSH: 1.4 TSH: 2.04 My last cycle was Test E 500mg for 12 weeks and it ended late 2015/early 2016. I'm pretty sure I recovered fine (I did HCG 250 iu 2x per week after last pin, plus clomid/Nolva afterwards) I...
  6. Mark Diesel

    PROVIRON ... once or twice a day TRT (bridge?)

    LOVE Pharmacom, looking into Proviron for bridge, or maybe whole time on trt between cycles. Powerlifter, so I'm just trying to feel good in the gym while on 200mg cruise. Pharmacom comes in 50mg tabs, once a day ok? Or bump it to 100mg with twice a day administration? Currently on week 3 --->...
  7. raybeast

    High SHBG may lead you into depression

    I feel like such an lifeless blah.... libido in the dirt... I don't feel like a man... I posted here before talking about my prolactin issue.. I battled and battled that issue and I finally was able to get it down to normal ranges. In the mean time I experimented with different diets and the...
  8. K

    Recomp steroid cycle. Can i start sarms before pct? (regaining mass)

    Wassup guys! I wanna thank Dylan for the amazing info and all the wise guys on this forum, you've been a great source of info before I registered and just read on this forum. Don't want to name you guys cause I don't want to leave someone out but you know who you are! Anyways, I'm 5'10, 83kg...
  9. biggamike

    Pharmacom Tbol and Proviron?

    Would anyone that has used Pharmacon's Tbol and Proviron be willing to give me your review on them? I'm pretty much convinced that I'm rolling with them for those orals based on everything I've seen here and Darius coming across as super cool and professional. Thanks in Advance Bros!
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