High SHBG may lead you into depression


I feel like such an lifeless blah.... libido in the dirt... I don't feel like a man...

I posted here before talking about my prolactin issue.. I battled and battled that issue and I finally was able to get it down to normal ranges.

In the mean time I experimented with different diets and the worse thing I could have ever done was eat high fiber mixed with a high monounsaturated fat diet. Holy crap!

So my diet consisted of olives, avocados, some low - moderate meats and lower carbs. Lots of carrots, celery and high fiber foods. I basically lived on fat and fiber.

Big mistake. I basically shut down all my DHT and doubled my SHBG in 3 months. Now I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. It's impossible to cut to decent body fat. The fats in avocados basically are strong 5ar1 inhibitors and I didn't know that some of phytonutrients in the veggies I ate are strong 5ar1 and 5ar2 reducers.

Currently 181, 5'10.5 ... not sure of b.f. but I would say below 21% but we'll over 15%. My last Total Testosterone was right at 800. My estradiol was 15. SHBG 80. LH & FSH were just above middle range. TSH was fine at .9. So was all my other markers on my blood panel. Prostate was also fine at .7.

So the bugs bunny diet lead me into this apathetic, shell of who I used to be.

So now I'm trying to recover eating low fiber fruits and high protein. My typical day is 170-180 grams of lean chicken and about double that in black grapes as my only carb source. So about 300+ grams of carbs or so. Fiber is around 18 grams versus the 50+ easily I was getting previously. High protein is known to lower SHBG. Fiber is positively correlated with SHBG. However I would never go NO fiber because it helps clear estrogen out the body. Now the reason I decided to go lower fat is because I know the liver will turn alot of that fructose into short chain saturated fats and I know my gut bacteria will turn some of the fibers into fat also. So I believe that will cover alot of my fat needs.

I previously had DHT issues before this diet and this put the nail in the coffin. Dht issues were my fault thinking it caused hair loss (totally different conversation). DHT is too important for the male body.

Now with that being said, I go for more labs soon. I'm looking to lower that SHBG in 30 days. I don't want to take stinging nettles. I take magnesium malate which is quite good for stress I noticed. Also, the mag had made my morning wood come every morning without fail so I believe my test my will be even high by next labs. I was taking vitamin D but all that did was cause my arteries to calcify and cause hair loss. I stopped the Vitamin D and hair grew back. Also, did a calcium panel to confirm. This vitamin d/calcium paradox was done over the course of a year.

Through some research I'm seeing that Proviron might be the godsend I have been searching for. It may give me lift I need to take this over the edge. I believe if I can have Proviron shield me from the stored fats and dht inhibitors that's stuck in rotation in my system, it will give my body enough room to clear that crap out my system. Then my hormones can rebalance. I believe a good 6 months will more than enough time to reestablish my natural dht.

Once I sat down and read what DHT does, it explains all my symptoms from dopamine, oxytocin, libido, stubborn fat, poor blood circulation and more. DHT is a novel nitric oxide agonist. Nitric oxide is needed for the release of these hormones.

Thoughts on Proviron and my plans for it lower SHBG? I read that it doesn't directly lower SHBG. However maybe it's mechanism of action plus diet will help get me into optimum range.

P.s. fellows, if you are looking to grow some hair, I and many others can vouch for organic sulphur/msm. However you can't get any ole kind. It's going to sound crazy but the best and cheapest kind to get is called HL MSM. It is basically msm for horses. Google a book called, "it's the liver stupid" Its a free read. It's a great read on healing through sulphur. It's probably one of the best detox agents on the planet. Also, look into manure being removed from farming by the Rocafellers. All is related to humans being sulphur deficient.