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    What's up everyone.
    I'm back after taking some time off from my last cycle. Diet and financial reasons and to be honest I wanted to be a bit more knowledgeable. My last cycle was GW and ran it for 4weeks. Then Clomid for PCT. I got blood work done and iam recovered. Now that I'm dieting and more focused I want to do another cycle but maybe focus just on cutting.. I tried Recomp and it's a bit confusing for me. I rather drop 10-15 pounds of fat on a cut and go from there at least I will know I'm losing fat and have a better site of what I want to do from there. My goal is to still maintain muscle or even contribute to lean muscle gain while cutting with the main focus of losing fat overall.

    When I started I was at 197lbs (not sure of body fat %). I got down to 191 and realized some changes. Can see a little more of my arm vein(Yeah just one lol). Upper body looked better, love handles slimed down and I could actually see muscles on parts of my body i haven't seen before. But then I gained it all back thinking I was invincible and could stop cardio and eat whatever again. Least to say I played myself and I'm back up to 199lbs (I know for sure I didn't gain 8-9Lbs of muscle)😞. Lesson learned. Slip but if you fall, get right back up. In this case I was slipping and slipping with joy of looking better. Been feeling a little weaker lately.. hoping that changes.
    I work out 4times a week, going to start a 5 or 6 day soon.

    200lbs(as of this morning)
    Body fat %- Unknown

    Correct me if I'm wrong.. thinking about running GW to substain the muscle I have or help add lean muscle and I heard S4 is a good aid for this also while helping burn fat.

    Any suggestions or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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    GW should of been ran for 12 weeks and you do not require a PCT with GW as a stand alone . What sounds wrong is diet . These compounds will assist you in fat loss/ muscle growth etc but ONLY if your diet and training are right. Take all the sarms in the world but if your eating crap then be prepared to look like crap.
    S4 is a awesome sarm . Im on week 10 of it atm cycled with RAD and GW. Im cutting up nicely too. S4 will help preserve muscle and even add it if your eating right , assist with vascularity if your BF is low enough and it defiantly makes me stronger even on reduced calories

    I would run something like this
    GW 12 weeks dosed 20mg daily
    S4 12 weeks split doses 25mg every 4-6 hrs. (50mg daily)
    weeks 9-12 DG post CT
    PCT weeks 13-16
    clomid dosed 50/25/25/25
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    GW and S4 are great for cutting. I'd also recommend adding mk2866 in to that as well

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    Also gw is nonhormonal. No pct required. It's for fat loss and endurance. Not building muscle

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    Thanks for the feedback!
    I'm currently dieting now. It's only been 1 week.

    My training consist of splits.
    Monday - cardio
    Tuesday - chest/tris
    Wednesday - back/bis
    Thursday - legs
    Friday - shoulders/cardio
    Sat - rest
    Sun- rest.

    This will all change in about a week or 2 when I start going 6days a week.

    Rock I know you said MK is your recommendation but Would LGD be recommended for muscle gain or maintaining? Also read that Rad140 helps. I heard the sides of Mk2866 suck. But I guess any sides aren't good lol. So what's better MK2866 or Rad for reaching my goal?

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    Also what was your before and after stats Aussy?

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    what on earth are you talking about... mk2866 has some of the lightest sides of any sarm... definitely less than lgd or rad... i have no clue what you are talking about

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    I guess I read wrong? But now I know. Thanks Dylan

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    yes, you definitely read that wrong or read from someone not knowing what they are talking about

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    So I'm looking at

    GW 1-12w 20mg daily

    S4 1-12w 50mg. Split in 2 doses. 25mg am and the other 25mg 4-6hours later.

    Mk2866 1-12w 25mg

    9-12w DG post pt

    PCT 13-16w

    Clomid 50/25/25/25

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