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Thread: Suggested recovery time between cycles.

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    Suggested recovery time between cycles.

    I have cut my most recent cycle of S4 and LGD short (despite absolutely loving the combo) at the 10 week mark because my nipples got really sensitive! I listened to my body and went into PCT mode after 4 or 5 days of really weird nipples and a week later things have settled down after following the PCT protocol using Nolva and a armistane which is the best AI I could get my hands on. (My adex is on the way hopefully). I had previously done a short LGD cycle 30 days to see how it all went and was fine but had only had about a month between finishing that and starting up with the new cycle. I am also taking Mk 286 and SR9009 .

    After doing some research, I have discovered that even though Sarms don't aromatise, all that free test that isn't binding will be turning into e meaning that there is always the possibility of sides associated with e dominance like gyno! I have a couple of questions:

    1/ what is a good time between cycles for a suppressive combo such as Rad and LGD together and
    2/ Is it worthwhile taking a mild AI for longer cycles on more suppressive combos like Rad and LGD together if there is e dominance is a possibility?

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    generally 4 weeks but i highly doubt you have real sarms... where did you get them ?

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    My supplier was Auslabs Australia who were reputable as far as I know. They have since closed down pretty abruptly. I will look at esarsms once my supply has run out. I was keen to launch into RAd 140/ LGD cycle and also have some MK 677 that I will run. I have enough stockpiled to give this a crack once I am confident I am ok.

    The S4 gave me yellow vision sides/ difficulty adjusting from light to dark and the LGD seemed to do what it was supposed to do when I tried it in isolation (although in honesty I can't compare it to anything else). I had really good results from the two combined. I got headaches early on followed by some real focus, fast strength and size gains and a little but of aggression from the LGD when taken in isolation. The cardarine certainly works. I have a bunch of it still and I love it.

    I am a bit older (just turned 40) and have only a year ago got back into the gym and am still carrying a bit of excess fat whilst putting some of the size back on that I have lost. I did have some blood taken at the 7 week mark and my doctor who was checking everything including liver, kidney and cholesterol was happy although I dd not mention that I was taking sarms! She did actually think that there was blood in my urine as despite me drinking lots of water it did have a darker colour. Not sure whether that is a flag for anything.

    Hypothetically it is possible to get e dominant sides through natural test to e conversion when you use sarms yeah? I know the sarms themselves don't aromatise but all that free test could theoretically convert yeah? Coming off a poor base could also contribute you think?

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    no they are not a good supplier at all man... that i can assure you.. i've helped so many aussies that have had issues with them...

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    Pretty disappointing to hear that, especially as I have a shit-tonne of their stuff stocked up for a variety of cycles that I had planned. What have you been hearing about auslabs? It does look like they took plenty of people's money and then shut down without sending out what they had ordered. I hope I haven't been taking fucking pro-hormones!

    Thanks for your input by the way mate. Love your work.

    Just on the the sensitive nips issue, any advice you can give? My nolva came through Auslabs too...! A week after I ceased the cycle, the nips are still a bit sensitive but have settled down a bit and I don't seem to have developed the hardened growth beneath then so I guess that is a bonus. I fell like I am a thirteen year old boy again. lol.

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    ive heard horrible things about them, people with terrible sides that scream pro hormones etc... its a terrible look on them... and it has been for quite some time...

    you need bloodwork for me to see how bad all of this is... let me know so i can help

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    I bought my sarms from proven peptides. Are they a reliable source?

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    Thanks Dylan. Appreciate your effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 145eee View Post
    I bought my sarms from proven peptides. Are they a reliable source?
    no they are a HORRIBLE source... check the site for all the terrible reviews...

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