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Thread: Low IGF, will Mk677 help?

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    Low IGF, will Mk677 help?

    I got a IGF-1 Liasion score of 35, which was inside the reference range of 22-73
    However, I stand in the bottom 2.5% percentile of my age 20.

    I see that Mk677 is HGH secretagogue and naturally stimulates 1) HGH and thus 2) IGF-1.
    I'm shitting because i've always had heard palpitations, racing heart, gotten all the monitors and they can't seem to find the cause, and see that low IGF is a cause of heart problems especially down the road.
    Apparently GHRP's and MK677 are the best way to stimulate HGH/IGF,

    what are your thoughts? Should I take mk677 for the benefits + general health?

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    yes, absolutely... 677 have shown in studies to increase igf up to 60% after 6 months and after a year, in the high 70% range

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