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Thread: Gyno advice needed - First SARM Cycle

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    Gyno advice needed - First SARM Cycle

    Hi, I have decided to give sarms a try after training natural for a few years... but I have a problem with gyno since puberty and it seems to have grown i got out of shape a few years back (going up to 30% bodyfat). I am around 20% bodyfat at the moment and want to start a cycle of ostarine. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with a protocol for my first cycle. Ideally I would like to reduce my current gyno as well as prevent any increase during my cycle. I have seen the anti-gyno protocol and would like to give it a try but do I run it after i finish my ostarine cycle or can it be done concurrently?


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    you would address the issue BEFORE you start any cycle bro, not during or after...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    you would address the issue BEFORE you start any cycle bro, not during or after...
    What would you recommend for preexisting gyno? would ralox alone be enough?

    wk1: 200mgRaloxifene/day
    wk2: 160mgRaloxifene/day
    wk3: 160mgRaloxifene/day
    wk4: 160mgRaloxifene/day
    wk5: 120mgRaloxifene/day
    wk6: 80mgRaloxifene/day
    wk7: 40mgRaloxifene/day
    wk8: 40mgRaloxifene/day

    Also, do you think gyno caused by obesity can be reversed by losing weight?

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    i have no clue where you came up with that but that wont do a thing... more than likely, you wont cure pre existing gyno with anything you take.. of course being overweight causes a bigger issue there but it its something like puberty gyno etc. then surgery is the only thing that will fix it but raloxifene sure is not going to do it... i have a protocol i can show you but dont get your hopes up because chances are slim on pre existing gyno that it will work...

    for your anti gyno protocol, its 12 weeks total... 8 weeks of letro and nolvadex followed by 4 weeks of aromasin... start week 1 of letro at 1.25 mg per day, then weeks 2 and 3 bump it to 1.75 mg per day, weeks 4,5,6 run it 2.5 mg per day, week 7 down to 1.75 and week 8, back to 1.25... run nolvadex 20 mg per day the entire 8 weeks, then follow that with 4 weeks or aromasin at 12.5 mg every other day...

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    Thanks for the protocol bro i'll try it out and hope for the best

    btw is there any reason why i shouldn't run an ostarine cycle along side it? i already bought it and I rather not to lose out on any gains lol

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    treating gyno while cycling is a piss poor idea.. you will never get what you should out of the cycle you are running... i dont care if you bought it or not... you cant wait until this is taken care of? what exactly are you losing out on? aside from nothing... you will be wasting it running it while you treat it

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    got it.. i'm going to follow the protocol first. i appreciate the input man

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    No problem

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    Ya man gyno first gains later hope the protocol Dylan gave you works(thumbs up)

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