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Thread: Dosing question

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    Dosing question

    Hey Dylan, I have two questions you may be able to answer, 1. If Testosterone Cypionate 300 was being injected, could that be administered once a week (300mg every Sunday) or should it be twice a week (150mg every Sunday & Wednesday) 2. If 25mg Aromasin is being used, can 25mg twice a week be used(Sunday & Wednesday) instead of using 12.5mg every other day.

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    I would recommend the twice weekly injections you stated, and stick with 12.5mg eod for aromasin

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    12.5 mg eod for aromasin and you can go once a week with test cyp but i would recommend twice a week for better stability

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    For the aromisen, the reason for my question is because, the product I got is in a 25mg capsule, itís not a tab that I can break in half. Any suggestions on how I can work with this situation, thanks again guys for your quick response.

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    i would get them in a different form.. either find 12.5 caps or get tabs...

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    Would opening the capsule and taking half sublingual under the tongue be ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by honybres View Post
    Would opening the capsule and taking half sublingual under the tongue be ok?
    There is NO reason to take sublingual but yes u can open them and take them like that

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    Thank you Dylan.
    One more Test Cyp question.

    So I have two packages available.
    Test Cyp 250 I can use twice a week/ total 500 weekly
    Test 300 I would do half cc twice a week/ total 300 weekly.

    Iím 31 years old, this is my 4th cycle in the past 9 years. Iím just looking to gain alittle muscle mass loose body fat and feel good

    Iím stacking the test with 40mg of T-bowl daily for the first 4-5 weeks.

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    Go with 300 mg week

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