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Thread: Can't find a thread that s similar to my issue

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    Can't find a thread that s similar to my issue

    I'm on day one of my second cycle. Taking both MK's Lig , and YK. I take half a dose in the am and the other usually 12 hours later. And I'm already lethargic. Not so much sleepy as I am just not wanting to move. I work a physically job that requires that. What in the world can I do about this. This has happened on the first cycle. Which I didn't pct (stone me in the streets) but I was also tired almost immediately starting that one. And I only took them for about 2 weeks due to lethargy. Don't want to stop taking them becsuse the results are phenomenal but I can't stay tired like this.
    Also I bought these from proven peptides.
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    Sorry if this gets asked alot. Don't read much on forums. But I did search

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    where did you get your sarms? have you had any bloodwork done? you are asking for us to be psychics without bloodwork

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    That’s fast. YK11 is like a steroid so it suppresses testosterone a lot, but it shouldn’t suppress it this fast unless your T levels are already low and you are ultra sensitive. Bloodwork would definitely help to see if the problem is hormonal.

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    what about your liver? also your source sucks , who knows what you got ...usually it's low T and liver issues that cause such lethargy.I wouldn't be surprised if you actually have some prohormones

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    Proven peptides. Theres a problem. You dont have real sarms

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    yeah, now that he edited it and shows where they were bought, it says it all

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