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Thread: Can't catch a break, well actually...

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    Update. Can't catch a break, well actually...

    I posted a few weeks ago about my old lady giving me the boot. After being gone for a bit we were able to work things out and I'm back home. After being home for a few days I was cutting the grass and I slipped off the sidewalk and fractured my ankle in two places. They are dong construction on my street and have the street dug up and it left a three foot drop off the curb. I'll find out tomorrow if I need surgery, this shit sucks. Nowhere to go but up from here I guess. Still been hitting the gym, just doing as much as I can sitting down and obviously no leg days for now.

    Had a follow up yesterday and they sent me right in for surgery. They put a plate and eight screws in my ankle. The good news is I could be walking without crutches in a week. Thanks for the love fam, seems to be looking good.
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    Damn bro..see if u can sue

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    I spoke to an attorney hoping for the best. Already missed 9 days of work unpaid... broke as a joke right now.

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    Damn that sucks bro. I hope you have a speedy recovery

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    If they didn't rope that Shit off u should have a solid case

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    No it's still the way it was. Plus I got pics

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    thoughts for a quick recovery bro!

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    When it rains it pours. I wish you a speedy recovery bro

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    fuck brother, im really sorry... its better if its a clean break than a ligament tear so hopefully thats what it is... i really wish you the best brother

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    Thanks For the well wishes fellas. This is why I call this place home. Ain't nowhere to go but up from here.

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