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Hello Dylan. Hey brother, been watching you since day one , love your attitude and overall care for health when discussing the use of AAS or another PED or peptides. You are not wreckless and really respect it.

> So I wrote you regarding TREN and a few other questions on a video you posted.
I figured you would mention about TREN and that it is a very powerful compound that needs the up most respect..

> I am a athlete and have been my entire life. Huge background in wrestling.. now after wrestling ended I am doing MMA .

> The injuries from years of training stacked up along, with me over training and, just not respecting my limitations, landed me a few injuries I had to get surgery for to go to the next level on competition in my career and get paid well for it.

> I tore my atfl I'm my left ankle , my right hip had a label tear and small formation. and, I had a stomach hernia from some years ago or, all my life growing up.

> also had 4 wisdom teeth and a colonoscopy for my chrons issue in between surgery.. Let's just say it was a rough year.

> My career really took of until I started getting injured.

> I realized all the guys around me were not getting injured like I was, but I was training harder than them.. that and I was the one helping them stay ahead of the game.

> Well fast forward to my surgerys. I have had 5 in the last 12 months. today I am 18 weeks post up from the last surgery.

> I know your going to hammer me for saying my next sentence. But I went with a very serious cycle to ensure my healing would be nothing short of a miracle. Money wasn't an issue. But my health being risked was..

> Up until this point I had never touched anything more than a few pre workouts or, supps from GNC. However, since highschool, or collage and, threw post education, I have always studied PED use, and even coached a lot of guys who were Willing to use it.. I believe it has a purpose ..

I just being the best at what I did, I thought I was never gunna need them to make a pro career.

> Well after my ankle surgery and a cast for 8 weeks. My left leg had vanished.. the atrophy suffered was so severe, I lost my entire left leg from my glute all the way down to my toes.

> A lifetime of leg days where gone in weeks .. even my dr was slightly worried. being as I was all natural.. getting my size back was just going to take years it seemed. Well that's where I decided to use AAS on my next surgery I was due for..

> My knowledge is very vast but, as I'm just a young man (28) my room for error is still there. I am only human.

> So I did a 20 week cycle . Started it prior to my second surgery. My theory was to help heal as fast as possible, avoid muscles atrophy and be able to return to training as soon as possible..

> I did pre bloods and, since I could afford it, I obtained blood work ever 21 days while on cycle..

> My compounds used were.

> TREN 3 blend. 200mg weekly. 67 mg 3x weekly.
> Test prop. 20 mg daily.
> Test pH prop 10 mg daily .
> Sustanon 67 mg 3x weekly
> Igf1 lr3 20mcg daily 5 weeks
> Igd1 Des. 20mcg pre , post phis therapy
> HGH. Standard was 4 iu daily.
> Anavar 10 mg 2x daily 6 weeks.
> HCG 200 iu 3 x weekly followed by 4 week breaks during cycle.

> Cabergoline .5 mg 3 x weekly.

> Arimadex .25 every other day or 1mg weekly.

> Also used choline inositol and other things for liver support.

> Was going to use winstrol but, did not. I didn't want to have any joint issues or be to dry while trying to heal up.

> "Now I know your like wtf kid"
But atleast hear me out.

> I went with the tren for really one reason over all. It's ability to increase igf1 rapidly and it's ability to help nutrient partitioning during post op .. also nitrogen retention, red blood cells and muscle saturation with oxygen.

> I'm sure your wondering why when I had other compounds that take care of that just as well as TREN would, but I went with it anyway..

> I will say, the biggest mistake of the cycle was possibly TREN, due to its stress on my hairline. Or anavar being a DHT. Not sure which one but my hair was affected forshure.

> Prolactin was never an issue as cabergoline suppressed it very well, how ever , even though blood levels showed a 0 ng/dl on prolactin, I still could get a slight amount of fluid from my nipples when pressed hard. Wonder why?

> Few night sweats the first week. The aggression and mood changes were noticeable as well. I liked it, but was almost to much because I had no fear.

> The TREN forshure helped with healing . Atleast from what I could tell. Again I was in a lot of compounds but, I would like to say , the use of TREN, helped my muscles retain zero inflammation after surgery and also I had absolutely NO swelling or bruising where my surgeon went in to work. I'm sure the other compounds should be a factor but could TREN have been one of them??

> I used TREN for 9 weeks before stopping because of hair loss an DHT spikes..

> Go ahead let me have it, I'm sure you do not agree and that is why I would like your feedback.

> Overall, other than hairloss, lipids , and slight cardio problems, which i used gw1516 for, the TREN was not that bad. I should have started with ace instead of the 3 blend, but I did not.

> I went with test prop 20 mg daily because of test prop being a fast acting short ester.. I went with test pH prop for its slightly longer half life.. I also only used it for the first 8 weeks to add to overall test dosage.

> I used sustanon at 67mg 3x weekly because it has 4 different esters including the 2 I was already using..

> I wanted to maintain blood levels as frequently as possible.. the decanate and iso really helped with my levels staying pretty steady..

> The igf1 lr3 was used for obvious reasons, to keep igf1 circulating threw my body 24/7 an help with many other things.. lr3 has a pretty long half life and is 10x more potent than our bodies own igf1 .

> Ifg1 Des I went with as well for an increase in igf1.

> I did site injection of 20mcg pre and post phis therapy.. it's short half life is why I went with a pre am post workout injection..

> Anavar. I went with anavar because of its use in muscle waisting and its ability to increase igf1 as well.

> I know you don't like anavar, and as much as I liked the strength gains and vascular looks it gives. My hair did not like it at all. I used it to help with water sides that might occur from the test... I never took the dose very high like most. I do think it served as a good compound to stop atrophy, but was not that impressed.

> HGH of course I actually am still on and will be for 1 year after my last surgical procedure..

> Hgh has been the big factor for collegen my tendons and, ligaments healing up real nice.

> My igf1 levels got pretty high for a while so, I tapered the dosage so, I am high 300 or, low 400 ng/dl on igf1 blood work.

> Arimadex has been Ok. I would have rather ran aromasin now thinking back.

> I say that because your right, when it is not as effective. Estrogen has been pretty steady though on cycle , more on the low end but, I have always had perky full nipples my entire life, so gyno is not at issue.

> I got occasionally puffy nipples but nothing ever that seemed to be an issue. And blood levels showed low e2 even Though symptom were still present.

> Reason I guess for wanting to swap out adex for aromsin, my lipid profile was affected and, I have always had really good hdl ot ldl levels .

> I'm sure the TREN was a factor as well or the reason my good cholesterol dropped.

> My bad ldl stayed regular so, the rebound I hope to see a return to normal levels.

> Overall, my training faculty and u of M trainers are blown away by my recovery. even my surgeon who is known all across the world, has his thumbs twirling..

> Since I had virtually no swelling, inflammation, bruising or, loss in range of motion, my rehabilitation has been over the top.

> 4 weeks post op, I was already 8 to 9 weeks ahead of the average person getting the same surgery.

> My surgeon clearly called me out or said I was super human forshure..

> Either way ... Even though I got away with using TREN during my cycle, I will agree, it is very very wrongly used and also a very nasty compound that can have serious side effects.. but I guess even tho some of the health risk are imposed, that anabolic scoring of 500 just makes it so much more effective as a lower dose compared to actually test.

Either way we live and we learn, and I guess I learned the hard way. My biggest issue now, i think is getting back to my fighting weight class.. them gains are for real and, in combat sports, The most muscle does not mean jack.

Your feedback and criticism is always respected, so please feel free.. I didn't post photos because I didn't think you would care.

> Either way, when or, if you get the time. Please give this a read. I really respect what you do for the community ...

> I posted the cycle bellow in a chart to show you how I ran it.

> Only thing is does not list is pct and timing on shots.

> Again , you the man. And keep the videos coming..
brother, i cant possibly read things of this length again.. i get thousands of questions per day and you do not have one single response because of this... i really dont know what you want me to say... its completely idiotic to do this but what good is it for me to tell you now that its done... i would not recommend any such a thing if you paid me a million dollars... you could have run something so far less dramatic and would have done MORE for you but you decided to do it your own way so you are just going to have to deal with whatever comes along from this in the future... im not sure what exactly you are looking for here from me?
Ha pretty much what you just said brother.. just needed to hear it from someone else..

I can t say that any damage besides a few hairs were lost at this point. My blood work is showing nothing elevated.. my good hdl cholesterol is still a little off. But my e2 and prolactin are still normal range.

Blood pressure was never an issue. Elevated heart rate was not either .

Idk Bro, I know it was stupid. I guess when your an athlete staring down the barrel of a real career we all make fast decision that might night make much sense to anyone but our selves.

so , I wasn't really looking for to much , just wanted to share my experience and put it out there. ..
What matters is hopefully you learned something from your actions, so you won't repeat the same mistakes again
I stopped reading about 1/2 way through but got enough to say WTF several times

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Posts like these fry my cookie

I know I shouldn't of done it
Dylan confirms to them... they shouldn't of done it
OP confirms he shouldn't of done it.... then in the same breath rationalizes it by saying there really wasn't any harm done

Kind of like receiving advice then shitting on it
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