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Good afternoon Dylan,

Sorry for the delay, I was waiting for my gf to answer my text on where the laptop was because typing all this from my phone sucks and she forgot & I got busy so I spaced it til now.

So to continue from the comment/question from the video, let me get more specific and give you a tiny bit of background on my experiences. So, I've been an athlete my whole life. Soccer, football, wrestling, track and in my mid 20s felt I had more in the tank as far as sports so I ended up competing in mixed martial arts for 7 years and as you know the training for that can be brutal. I've been lifting weights and working out since I've been 12, maybe 13. I used to buy all the muscle magazines back in the day & probably tried every weight gainer meal replacement and protein powder (there was one in highschool that smelled and I swear tasted like fish food!!) around. Then came along Bill Phillips & EAS. I loved their products when he was the actual owner. At 20 years old, and not knowing what the hell I was doing, I bought a couple bottles of Andro-6 aka androstenedione. I got so strong on that stuff, I benched 315 I think 6 times. Even on any cycle, I've never seen or even attempted that weight again. Anyway, so it all started off with that prohormone... Then a couple years later (around 24 probably) tried Test for the first time, ran it a few times but nobody ever explained to me how to PCT properly. During MMA, ran a couple other prohormones (can't recall the name of them offhand)

I have never gone above 250 mg a week on test enanthate (once in a great while i would use cypionate instead), recently I've been splitting into smaller doses to balance out the hormones better. Until I started to learn about Sarms and research chemicals, I have never run anything but Test &Tren or Test & Deca, with Tren or Deca being at a very low dose. I actually only ran Deca alongside T & MK677 because of some nagging shoulder pain, not really for any other reason. The only time I've really ever noticed anything gyno related has been when I am being fat, lazy and slacking on going to the gym but for whatever reason I got worried the summer of 2017 and bought some Letro, not because I saw or felt gyno but because I was only taking Test and mk677 at the time... I was getting back into my routine after a 10 month layoff and literally within 30 days, I looked night and day different from taking mk677 so I thought because of possible water retention and such so I didn't want to take any chances of gyno. Now looking back, I realize Letro was probably not the one I should have purchased anyway and with a month break a couple of times, been on it since. It's seriously a fantastic compound and I swear I still get told I look like I'm in my mid-late 20s because of it -

I guess where I'm going with all this is you've stated Dbol is highly estrogenic but also have stated the same regarding Ment. Assuming that my hypothetical protocol I'm going to run either for 12 wks or 16 wks depending on when I start it as I don't want to run too close to spring where I should probably be cutting or at least doing a recomp by then. I've never thought I had great genetics but I have always put in the work and I've gotten some great results off low doses compared to what you see most people doing. So here is what I'm thinking:

•250mg/ week(meaning 7 days) test enth splitting it up into 2 doses - week 1-12(or 16)

•10mg LGD 4033 week 1-8 (or 1-12 but I don't believe you ever recommended this to be run for 16 weeks) side note - I have also heard now of using higher doses, like 30-50mg and that alot of Sarms are actually now showing to be more anabolic than some steroids, still with less side effects, in essence if Dbol is the steroid that I recall you comparing it to, take the same dosage of LGD thus getting the aggression & better results, no estrogenic side effects, etc. Not sure what your thoughts are on that particular SARM or any of the others.

•25 mg e/o day ment - week 8-12 (or 13-16 depending) cycle - I might be mistaken but I thought you said 25 mg was sufficient but you can run 50mg e/o day and I thought you said no more than 4-6 weeks if I'm mistaken.

I'm guessing you will say 12 weeks tops. However, if I'm wrong and you say 16 weeks is ok but I need to go off LGD after 8(or 12 weeks and find another compound for the last part of the cycle. If you say it's ok to do, as I take your advice very seriously, and I run this 16 weeks in total, would you recommend going to another SARM after the 8 or 12 week mark to run alongside Ment or should I start out with a different SARM altogether (RAD140, S4, S23?) and finish off the back end with LGD & Ment?

I look forward to your response!
you should not be using ment 16 weeks, thats insanity... 8-10 weeks is plenty... what are your full stats? age/height/weight/body fat?
you should not be using ment 16 weeks, thats insanity... 8-10 weeks is plenty... what are your full stats? age/height/weight/body fat?
Even 8-10 weeks is a stretch. 6-8 weeks is the most I've done and I've ran it 3 times. Very very powerful compound. Kicks in very fast.
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