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Thread: Bloodwork - Advice needed - PCT

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    Bloodwork - Advice needed - PCT

    Hi all,

    Been following the forums for a while.

    Age 23
    Weight 91kg

    Ive just finished a 12 week cycle of LGD at 10mgs a day.
    Im currently almost 2 weeks into my pct of clomid (50mg) and nolva (40mg) per day.

    My test bloodwork pre cycle was 14.9 n/mol
    I did my bloods yesterday and it is 21 n/mol !! I am very pleased especially as im UNDER 2 weeks into my pct. I thought it would take a lot longer.

    Few questions for the pros:

    Can I or should I stop my PCT now?
    Will my test drop a bit by coming off the PCT?
    Do you think its safe to start an ostarine cycle now?

    I know time on = time off etc but is this the case if test recovered.


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    I wouldn't stop at 2 weeks of PCT if I were you, I'd stick to 4 weeks PCT then wait another 4 weeks before I ran any anything else.

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    you should not be testing bloodwork during pct... OF COURSE it will look good if you ar taking clomid or nolva... you test it 4 weeks after or you are not going to get an accurate reading and NO you should NOT drop your pct... that would be just flat out ignorant as can be... NO its not safe to start another cycle now... stop being ridiculous

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    Forgot to say im getting really bad anxiety from the clomid which is why id like to stop it.

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    Well thanks for the advice. Im aware it should be tested 4 weeks after however I did bloods during pct to assess how supressed I was. As I appeared to be recovered, I was debating stopping it.

    Clomid nasty sides means Im looking to taper it down or stop.

    So based on what you said about bloods looking good on pct, lets say in theory ive just come of a strong anabolic steroid cycle and do bloods 2 weeks into pct - your telling me the reading will look good? No i dont think so. They would look better than no pct bloods yes but the reading is still the reading and represents the test in your body at the time.

    Cant find evidence of clomid giving a ‘false’ reading online. If you can refer me that would be great. Clomid aids the kickstarting NATURAL production of test no? So my results are my results. Its not like ive just pinned a shot of test and am suprised to see a high reading of testosterone.

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    I think you need to just follow the advice and stop arguing bro.

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    you cant possibly know if you are recovered or not two weeks into pct... that doesnt make any fucking sense... you dont have a clue what you are even talking about smfh... thanks for the education... a 23 year old with no experience telling us how it is... good luck dude... im done..

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    So fucking annoying, they ask for advice and then argue like they know what they're talking about.

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    come here to ask a question than argue the answer your receiving is incorrect by the head moderator. Figure your own question out dude, apparently you know better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
    So fucking annoying, they ask for advice and then argue like they know what they're talking about.
    smfh exactly.. im so fucking sick of this type of shit..

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