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Thread: Blood Work Help

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    Blood Work Help

    Hello community,

    I recently did some blood work prior to starting 1st SARMS cycle. I do have some highs and lows that worry me, can somebody help me break it down? Currently on trt.


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    You need an AI your estrogen is high it's double what it should be. I recommend you donate blood because your RBC is high also. Why are your liver values high? Do you drink alcohol?
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    I'm currently taking Aromasin EOD, going to start taking it everyday. I do not drink a lot, maybe about once a month at the most. I just started taking NAC as well to help with liver. I'll def donate some blood.

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    I'm currently taking Aromasin EOD but will start taking 1 capsule a day. I do drink about once a month but not heavily. I started taking NAC a couple days ago, hopefully that will help with the liver? I'll def will donate some blood. Anything to help. Thank you!

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    Which of these results on here represent the liver values?

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    liver values are alt and ast...

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    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    liver values are alt and ast...

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    are you on TRT?

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    Looks pretty decent. I would get on some N2Guard to help with the liver values and donate blood when you can.
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    Thanks for everybody's help. Made blood donation appt and will bump up the Aromasin and do blood work in about 3 weeks.
    Yes I'm in TRT. About 3 mos in. 42 yrs old.

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