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Thread: Activating too much set on chest movements

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    Activating too much set on chest movements

    Ok. Something changed and now I fry my front delts on chest movements. I can't figure it out. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

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    What specific lifts?

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    Didn't change grip? Maybe form or elbow angle?

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    Can try doing rear delts inbetween sets/when you feel the pump to move the blood from the front

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    I'll usually start hitting my front delts on barbell or dumbbell flat bench if i am bringing the bar up to high, meaning closer to my head

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    What exercises? Has anything changed? Are you training delts before hitting chest?

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    hey brother... which specific lifts are you noticing this on? did you change anything in the movement, weight, etc?

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    Sounds like the elbows might be flaring…also wrists are closing down toward inner forearm

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    Flat bench. Incline dumbbell are my focus right now and it's definitely hurting performance. I haven't seen anything physically change with form. I try to keep the same grip and come down with my elbows close to a 45* from my body. And hit my body just below nipple I believe lol. It gets to the point where I just want to rest my arms on the bar in between sets.
    Unless it's just extreme pumps? But still shouldn't be all in my delts.

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    You have anterior rotation of your scapula causing your delts to rotate forward and your chest to shorten. I'll text you tomorrow about how to fix that.


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