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Thread: Signing for packages?

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    Signing for packages?

    Hey guys not to sure where to post this as I dont have to much experience on the forum.

    I've ordered from this particular source multiple times and a signature has never been required. My packet apparently made it through customs but then tracking says no authorized recipient available but my mail did not even come that day till 5 hours after the tracking was updated to say that. No redelivery was ever attempted. The tracking just updated to say that I need to pick up my package in person. The whole thing just seems a little sketchy to me. It also passed through La isc which I heard is the worst one.

    Just wanted some input on what u guys.think. I want the package but obviously dont want to admit to having anything shipped to me.

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    Did you message the vendor to ask if they sent it signed required?

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    Go to USPS redelivery online and sign for your package and request a redelivery.

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    I did they said no signature was required.

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    Okay I'll give that a try. Thanks man.

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    I've had to go pick up and sign for several packages from international sources in the past, most of the time due to lazy postal carriers. It's not a big deal.

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    Rule of thumb don’t order more than a few hundred dollars worth and you have nothing to worry about besides a custom letter. I have been signing for packages for 10+ years with no problems but 5-6 seizures maybe. Once I have a pack seized I get a new address. In my opinion overseas gear is way better than any domestic. Domestic seems to have too many problems. Not that international doesn’t have occasional hiccups but domestic sources never last and the gear is never consistent.

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    I am having the same situation as above! Sign for it???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate28 View Post
    I am having the same situation as above! Sign for it???
    It's no worry, post offices do this on their own occasionally. It's a pain in the butt, but you just go sign for your package and leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robolics View Post
    You arent getting busted for personal quantity and use
    Dont worry about it.
    How much until it’s no longer just for personal use?

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