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Thread: Need legit pct please help

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    Need legit pct please help

    Going to be getting back into the swing of things and need help with pct. Can't seem to find mine anywhere. Any advice appreciated.

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    I always go for PCT products that are pharmacy grade.

    We carry clomid, tamoxifen and proviron that fit that description.

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    Cool man. I have used pharma in the past. I liked the sust and test but that was years ago.

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    Hit cbbram or the AXIO rep up here. They have all of your pct needs shipped domestically. No customs. No seizure letters.

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    Cool I appreciate it. Definitely will hit them up

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    100% ship success to US

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    “taz10” for 10% off
    PM for link to order
    For all your SARMs needs:

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