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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    Awesome! thanks guys for the clarification.. started it today
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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    I jus received my first robolics order.. just wanted to make sure it was normal for the plastic caps to already be removed. Never received anything that way before. No issues if that’s the norm
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    Phurious Gear Porn

    Glad you said that Testdude63, Phurious gear worked great for me!! and for a couple of friends as well
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    Case study: hCG restores testosterone production after steroids use

    Yes that's exactly what I did toward the end of my Test/Deca cycle and my PCT went flawless, still feel great
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    Pct questions?

    tell him to go with aromasin and clomid... not gonna be as effective without the NOVA but would be better than not taking anything at all for sure
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    Keto advice

    If I was purely cutting, I would agree with you 100%.. .But I'm still trying to gain size while staying decently lean... so I guess it would be more of a daily "carb cycling" regime that I'm doing...
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    Keto advice

    might have to start adding in a higher carb day once a week
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    Keto advice

    I work out extremely early in the a.m. and usually hit oatmeal serving made with coffee instead of water for pre workout 03:15ish , and then moderate serving of white rice mixed with my eggs post workout 05:15ish... eat keto the rest of the day and I'm liking the results so far especially mixed...
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    Keto advice

    gotcha... thanks
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    Keto advice

    PHURIOUS, Do you have a carb reload day once a week or every couple weeks or just stay straight KETO for the whole 8-10 weeks?
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    I want to add dbol safely to a tren mast prop cycle .. Any advice on dosage and lengt

    I've only ran DBOL once and it was when I was 21 yrs old and on a military deployment to Iraq during the summer months... Ofcourse I didn't know then what I know now about always having a test-base, but due to the heat and always being on the go, never had any water retention.... Recovered fine...
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    New to Forum from Australia - need some advice

    you must be on that AVEED Testosterone Undecanoate... suppose to have a ridiculously long half life of several weeks... but they supposedly can't give you more than 3 cc's at a time due to some type of pulmonary embolism risk that's caused by that particular ester.... On all the charts I've...
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    Cellucor and All Max Nutrition Protein Review

    RIVALUS Promasil = best tasting highest quality protein I've tried... Yes I know most folks will say to stay away from the blends but the ingredients in the Promasil are top notch!