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    Lipid/cholesterol management

    I'm saying maybe they would've been worse than what they were if I wasn't on GW at the time
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    Lipid/cholesterol management

    Refer to my previous post
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    Your picks for UFC 200

    Sure glad I didn't pay for that PPV
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    Lipid/cholesterol management

    I've taken GW during a tren cycle. Didn't help lipids at all. Or maybe it did. But they were wrecked during that cycle.
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    Tren ace

    Don't forget, you must inject directly into ball sac for maximum absorption!
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    Lipid/cholesterol management

    I had bloods done about three months ago at a wellness fair for work. My cholesterol was very similar to yours. The draw was about a week after I finished a test tren cycle. I went into my regular doctor about a month later and it had come down but was still bad enough I convinced him to give me...
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    Fish oil pills

    I recently had this discussion with my doctor. He said fish oil truly is a waste of money. For some reason when it's in capsule form it really has no benefit, but when ingested from fish it actually does. Honestly, I have no idea, just food for thought. I have a bunch stocked up so I'll...
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    post workout

    GHRP6 - Problem solved guys
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    Fucking Tren....

    Have you ran a GHRP before? GHRP-6 makes me eat like a horse every time.
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    They're not gonna rip you off. They deliver on what you order. But, they're slow, so don't order from them if you need something in a rush. I just ordered a bunch of Tren E from them because they had a half off sale, no one could beat it. I've also gotten items from three or so sources on this...
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    HGH blood test

    For the sole reason of checking IM and SubQ differences. Had been discussed on another forum and I was curious for myself. Tests were done with Canada peptides HGH, if brand means anything at this point.
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    HGH blood test

    I'm sure there could be other factors too. One persons experience doing it is far from the gospel.
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    HGH blood test

    not true unfortunately. I've tested the same batch of hgh both IM and Sub Q. IM was 29, Sub Q was 22. So not a huge difference. But a difference. Both protocols the same.
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    April Price List

    That's sad.... Gonna have to order from naps :eek:
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    April Price List

    I see you have samples of trestolone... but do you have an actual price for buying enough for a cycle?