Yk-11/ mk-677


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Hi Dylan,

First of all, thanks for all the effort you put into your videos....great stuff! I watched one and instantly good job and keep up the good work!

Regarding your video on YK-11...since there is a high degree of fake products on the internet, is there a place I could order this type of research compound and not worry that its fake?
Also...Im from Canada, so a Canadian supplier is preferable since theres no customs issues.

I found a website that sells this stuff in Canada called QualitySarms .com...Im wondering if youve heard of them or if you can provide another recommendation.

Also, Id like to order some MK-677.....Im curious if the same thing is going on with that stuff in as far as being fake.....etc.

One last there a difference in effectiveness between liquid and capsules?

Your feed back is greatly appreciated!

Thanks...take care and talk soon!


Cant help you on sources in Canada mate but have you ran any cycles before ? whats your stats ? Im asking this as Yk11 is pretty harsh (I ran it recently )and proberly shouldn't be categorised as a sarm . If you do run it I suggest a FULL pct and liver support . Mk677 can be ran no issue but you need to run it a min 6 months to make it worth while imo .


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thats no a good site at all and there is no difference in caps and liquid... it comes down to quality, not the form it comes in