What's your favorite Gearhead comment or justification?

Just saw this funny one...
Someone posted asking for advice on their cycle. Of course he didn't have any n2bm products in his cycle so he was immediately jumped on. Gearhead and the usuals chimed in with "run N2Guard, HCGenerate, etc".
Here's what Muskate wrote:

Someone just replied to him dropping some truth:

Let's see how long it takes for that to get deleted. Lol

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now there's a bitch slap of reality!!
I messaged him to come over here if he isn't already.

I completely understand promoting your own product. Good on them for doing so. It's the sneaky ways they're doing it that has caused me to lose any respect for them. Don't claim to be a "uncensored" forum when it's clear that the only uncensored shit is what falls in line with their pockets.

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get him over here.. he's DEFINITELY adrenaline rush material!!!!
YOU GUYS, especially rickrock, i have my abs covered for the week im laughing so fucking hard!! HOLY SHIT LOLLL
Bros keep laughing. Laugh all the way to your cancers, ailments, and diesise without n2guard. Wait till i tell the bosses about this.