Anyone know of a source that has Olympic plates in stock and isn?t price gouging the shit out of them right now?
you can try gopher performance but everywhere that you can find it, which is not many, is priced quite high
Yeah that?s what I?m finding. Bands are holding me over but it?s just not the same, especially for legs. I found a power rack, bench and barbell. Just need something to load on the bar now and everything is crazy expensive
I feel using bands to workout is similar to being starving, taking a big bite of a juicy steak and then spitting it out immediately. You get the taste but that?s about it
Anyone know of a source that has Olympic plates in stock and isn?t price gouging the shit out of them right now?
Good luck man. I got all my stuff on Amazon over a month ago and it still took me weeks to get it all. And that was a couple days before the stay at home order was issued. The day after the order, Amazon was wiped out because I was going to order a couple more items. Now its damn near impossible to find anything
Very true I?m in the same boat using bands and very ready for the gym to open up so I can pick up some weights again

im sure everyone here has the same mindset going on... im so thankful i have a treadmill and elliptical at home so i can still do my cardio like normal
Treadmill and elliptical huh I bet to hear my wife complain about the one she ordered not arriving yet each and every single day can some one please open the gym up already
Haha ya I?ll wait until the next quarantine to buy more weights lol I laugh at all theses people that built home gyms in there houses for 3 times the price and then the gyms are going to open and are they either going to get that investment go to waste or not go to the gym and workout at home ha.
Im planning ahead....once the gyms reopen ill buy a used home gym. People are careless and i can see a second wave of COVID easily happening.
hard to find them right now. i can't imagine going back to a gym, i don't feel like being sick with 104 fever for 2-3 weeks. i know people who got this shit and it is nasty you don't want to pick it up

on the flip side once many gyms start going out of business you should be able to pick some up as they unload their equipment
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