Tren effects on brain

Seeing shit like this makes me nervous about using tren down the road.

I'm on my third cycle, and wouldn't plan on using it until the 5th or 6th cycle, at a very moderate dose.

Good information to know
yes and often times people over use it where they run it over and over again and long term, thats just not good
Tren works well so the trap is when people see it working. They figure if it’s working at this current dose then if I increase it my progress will be even greater. Unfortunately the laws of diminishing returns doesn’t agree this is how things work. The high doses tilt the scales towards serious health problems. This is coming from someone that really likes Tren but let’s help each other out and be fully honest so an informed decision can be made.
Well to be honest, when it comes to cycling less is more but unfortunately we are in 2019 where on most forums you see guys taking very large doses. Many of those people taking huge amounts of tren that do not compete could be compensating for a horrible diet. More drugs is never the answer especially with Tren. You can absolutely run Tren safely, its just about having common sense...guys running it at a gram and stating their lipids are all perfect are full of it. Cant make an informed decision, everyone here has opinions but Dylan is 100% correct in the fact that nobody is going to come out and state their health issues from AAS. Tren is certainly a very unhealthy steroid either way which is unfortunate because it made my arms and overall physique look incredible. If your sensible with low-moderate dosages and shorter cycles I think you will eliminate some of the long-term effects compared to those abusing it.
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