Tren Acetate, enanthate, Hex ..So, let's clear this up.

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Good post, though I don't think there's any confusion I've seen on this board. For the most part, Tren Ace and Tren Enanthate are all that's really discussed anymore....other than maybe Tren suspension every now and then. Tren Hex pops up every now and then, but the days of parabolan are long gone

I'm pretty much strictly a Tren E guy anymore. I love my long esters

I'm going to give E a shot.. I just wanted to make sure I could handle the sides.. But the fuckin libido was the most the pronounced side, if you want to call it that to that I've ever experienced. I'm happily married and that's a bad side effect ya feel me

So I've going to have my girl run var when I run my Tren. [emoji41]


I'm sure NY can vouch for this but I actually really like the sides of Tren Ace. I know its crazy but I only run Tren A twice or maybe even once a year but when I do I feel naughty. Like I'm doing something I shouldn't - I turn into a complete sex fiend and feel like a god. Also the strength increase is so crazy - the only reason I only run it once or twice because I could see myself using it all the time. I just love my cardio so much I can't do that. Hex seems like one of those gimmicks but then again I have never used it.


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Not trying to be a salesman in this awesome thread but Pharma Lady does have Tren Hex by Thaiger Pharma in amps and it is more expensive than A or E...

Oh look doubt it is available, but like can be expensive