tren ace, best time to use


Hi guys

I've done plenty of cycles, mostly with test and deca. I've did one tren cycle before and deciding to do another one.

I'm 36 just to let you know I'm not under age.

Anyways on all my cycles, I was someone that trained 5 days a week doing bro splits, one day chest, one day back etc etc

these days I train 3 days a week doing full body training. so basically train Monday, Wednesday and Friday hitting each body part 3 times a week instead of once.

when is the best time to inject Tren Ace? As it has a shorter half life than most other steroids to get the best benefits?

on the day of training or day before training? Does it matter?

I'm doing 500 test and 300 tren.

Is it possible to only inject twice a week? Or will I have to do 3 times a week to get better results? last time I did tren ace it was 3 days a week and a bit of pain.



Tren Ace should be every 1-2 days.
Timing doesn’t matter unless you are taking some kind of suspension (tren with no ester for example) or metabolize it quickly.


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every other day at the minimum... some people prefer every day but no longer than every other day