Titan ROCKS!!... and a few TIPS to share!..and ROBO ROCKS!


Ok... so in life, once we have an mistake, learning from it and sharing that with others is invaluable in my mind.

So... let me share some good tips:

1)- CHECK and RECHECK your source email, to make SURE you have the most up-to-date accurate one!!
2)- Make sure when you are engaging your source in PM communication you use YOUR correct email address you used to
communicate with the source!
3)- Don't be AFRAID to reach out to the INCREDIBLE reps for your source on here!.....They ALL are great guys and will
certainly GO beyond normal expectations to make your ordering process a HAPPY PLEASANT one!

Now.. with that all said......(egg on my face)....


Now. on to the core of this message...........TITAN ROCKS!!. TITAN ROCKS!!! and TITAN ROCKS!!!

Titan...MANY THANK YOU's for going OVER and BEYOND with your customer service and exemplary attitude!!!

.. Received product in less than a week from date ordered to in hand.......and extra goodies thrown in!!!!.....for some very slight miscommunication....I tell you can't ASK for MORE than what Titan is willing to do to show his level of customer will not be disappointed in the least!!

I like to 'spread it around' when there are multiple sources.......and I can firmly without any reservation and hesitation say this..........TITAN and ROBO are two TOP NOTCH sources........Support them both and we all will benefit!!..both are FAST, RESPONSIVE and make your order,....shower, sleep and DING DONG. DELIVERY!!! lol
Thats awesome to hear bro!Thank you for your kind review we really appreciate it....btw what did you get?

[PM me for Titan Research price list, use code Sdbronco for 10% off]
been on vacation.. but I got Titan's special on Tren Ace and also got some Sust 250......and he was generous to sprinkle in some Cialis....

his Tren Ace is 50-75mg EOD I can't say I have had any side affects. (although I am a regular Tren Ace fan)....and results are superb.... others are noticing in the gym and have questioned me.... my response ... good diet my friends!! hahaha..but it's great for giving that well chiseled look to the physique.. of course coupled with some prudent dieting and eating habits... a lot of just great it!!!

His Sust 250.. again. smooth and from the gym I know it's working very very well!!...

as I have previously stated.. his Cialis..... well again.. you will not be disappointed here..........(unless lack of sleep from 'night-time activities' with the Ms bothers you!)... lol

All in ALL.... TITAN is SUPER!!!
Glad your loving the results n boners! Keep killing it! Except the ol lady, give her a Break here n there
I did a good size order with him and I'm running his aromasin after my pct because estrogen was high . Seems to be working still have a puffy peck but oil in the face has gone down . I have his sustanon 250 waiting for me once I make full recovery !!!'

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I can vouch for Titan as I have blood work on this forum from his test cyp bloodwork does not lie. Just ordered the other day already packagebin transit he is really easy to deal with. I dealt with SDbronco good dude. As CMB good dude. Soon I get my pack I will post a dope pic!!

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I can agree fully with communication. Titian is on point. I'm also waiting on my birdie to land. Porn incoming soon!!

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