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I'm reading mixed responses...thought I'd see what you all think.
I got done with my first cycle which was 8 weeks of 2866 @20mg/day
Whats total time I should wait until I start my next cycle which will be 4033 @10mg/day?
I'm using a test booster for PCT now (I know, some don't recommend this but I have one that I have had great results from, with bloodwork to show the increase of test before and after). I'm running this for 6 weeks. Do I start after 6 weeks or wait 2 more weeks for a total of 8 weeks off?
to each their own.. a "test booster" is not enough of a pct but thats on you.. generally 3-4 weeks in between cycles when it is sarms only
Bloods will tell you
Can you tell me which test I need? When I go on these bloodwork sites, there's so many different panels, I don't know which one to use and even how to read it. I've done just a simple test check before and after using boosters to see if they work, so I'm familiar with those. But I'm thinking you're advising more of a "panel".
Thank you
As Dylan pointed out, 3-4 weeks in between your SARMS cycles is the right amount of time
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