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The most underrated steroids: A new video by Dylan Gemelli


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Loving these videos and the subjects, really good choices for subjects and really good picks as underrated ones!

Fella Finn

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This is one of my favorites right here sir! It shows that it must be with many people because you already have 720 views and 102 likes. That is insane to have that percentage of likes in conjunction with the views. The channel is really starting to build back up again! Great work sir!


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I was wrong. I was waiting for you to list anavar.
i cant put that on there because way too many people put it over brother... its very popular... i was more so going for a list of what i see as being the most underrated by overall use from the public, feedback etc... these are ones that i feel get overlooked or misunderstood...


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For me, it is deca at low/moderate doses for lean gains. Guys always think of running deca and bloating but it doesn't have to be like that.


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Really enjoyed this. The only one I haven’t tried is npp but it has peaked my interest here recently.