Test, tren a and tbol cycle


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What’s up guys, i am new to this forum i want to th al each and everyone of you for having me here. Before i proceed let me give you my stats .

Age 33
Height 5’8
Weight 180
BF 12-13%

Number of cycles ran 5

Started at age 29 and decided after that to blast and cruise as i am married and have monthly lab work as well and 3 kids and all already!

My next blast will consist of:
Sustanon 250 weekly M and Thu injections
Tren ace 60mg daily
Tbol 40mg daily pre workout

Cycle length 8 weeks

PCT back to cruise dose test cyp 175-200mg weekly

I have all anxilialiers on hand including Prami as well as arimidex also liver and organ support

What i am looking for:
Lean dry look by also adding a bit of size/lose body fat as well. Diet is super clean and cardio 1 hour daily 6 times a week.

Does this cycle sound good or any suggestions keeping in mind i want 0 water weight and just lean muscle gain NO PUFFYNESS AT ALL. Is tbol a good compound to run along with tren ace? Keeping in mind i am looking for zero puffiness and just lean/shredded look along with some lean size and of course keeping in mind it all comes down to diet

I run my test lower than my tren as i have experience both worlds and get less sides with test being lower than tren.

Thank you all your feedback is greatly appreciated
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Throw some dbol in there for strength
I don't think that would be a wise choice here. He's looking to avoid puffiness, and Dianabol aromitizes readily commonly causing quite a bit of water retention.


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Tbol is a good choice for any cycle in my opinion. It’s such a versatile drug. And as you know, tren makes everything so much better lol.
I think it’s a pretty decent setup you have going here.
Just out of curiosity, how much prami do you run for that? I probably wouldn’t need any at what dose.


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This will be a great cycle. I would run the sustanon longer than 8 weeks though. Test retains water so you’ll have some water nothing to worry about though.