Test e cycle

Everyone is going to ask for your stats 1st! but with that being said, alittle investigation on this forum would lead you to your answer.
going to run 375mg test e a week (1.5ml), is it best to inject 0.75 twice a week or just pin it once a week?
My cycle:

Week 1-12 - 375mg Test E (split into two injections, monday/thursday)

2 weeks after last injection PCT begins:
Clomid - 50/50/25/25
Nolva - 40/20/20/20

Aromasin dosed throughout - 12.5mg EOD
That looks like solid starting spot. I'd encourage you to add GW into pct as it really helps with rebound of cortisol and just really helps seal in your gains from your cycle.
what kind of dosage am i looking at for the GW, and throughout the full 4weeks of pct?

GW 20mg per day

Yes take the full 4 weeks, you could include it in your cycle as well and go a full 16 weeks if you wanted. GW does not cause suppression.






It don't take all that bro and I did I'm new to this site so chill

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