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Hi Guys!
This is especially for those who don't believe that it is possible to produce oils with concentrations of active agent 500 mg/ml or even 600 mg/ml.
Here are the newest test results.
They were done not by us but by one of Pharmacom customers from MESO board who sent vials to Simec.

I remind just in case that according to USP standards deviations within +/- 10% are considered as acceptable. In fact up to 20% is ok.

Rich Piana mentioned in one of his videos that 300-350 mg/ml is not possible, if i remember right ... I'll make sure to send him an e-mail too with these results. :)

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This is nice to see that it is possible. Does it hurt like hell?
This is nice to see that it is possible. Does it hurt like hell?

i pinned the mix 6 which has 200mg test E, 200mg mast E and 100mg tren E it didnt have any PIP but i did mix .75ml of tren E with it
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New PharmacomStore platform has been uploaded:

We also made an encryption upgrade to the most advanced data protection system money can buy, which is of course located in the same country as our servers, Russia, far from the US jurisdiction.

Check out our production videos from the factory: ,
most recent lab tests , bitcoin tutorial - , new promotions and much more!

You can still log in using your current usernames and passwords. Order history and database transfer will be complete in the following days.

Looking forward for your feedback and bug report :) Feel free to contact me or my colleagues from the support for any questions or misunderstandings.

Thank you!
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Seems like Pharmacom is pretty popular in South America too ...
Photos from Arnold Classic 2016, Brazil ..

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It came to our knowledge that our products are counterfeited! A batch of several thousands of units of our orals and Human Growth Hormone, which currently do not have check codes. Below you can find a photo of a fake package with pills:


The packaging looks similar to ours, but everything's severely underdosed.

PharmaTropin (HGH) was counterfeited to. We do not have yet photos of the full package, only this low quality photo of the cap:


It is similar to our original caps, but blue color has a darker shade. Here are the original vials:


We will implement check codes to all of our products soon, in the meantime please buy only from official distributors.

Thank you!
We have our own chromatograph and Raman spectrometer for analyzing the quality of raw materials and final products. This is a cutting-edge equipment, which allows non-destructive control of products. You can see how Raman spectrometry works on these videos: