Steroid Cycle


I’m 26 and a competitor running a test cycle not my first

15 weeks
Test E 500mg
Primo 600mg
Tbol first 6 weeks 50mg

My question is I’m on stage next week for my show that will be week 15, I have another competition the Arnold’s 13 weeks later so I don’t want to PCT and start another cycle as that wouldn’t make sense what’s everyone advice if I want to stay on cycle how should I adjust the dosages I am also awaiting my blood results as I think that’s vital I have a PCT for my 15 week cycle probably have to alter that also

Thanks for assistance
im not advising you to stay on cycle for nearly 30 weeks... good luck recovering from that... thats just ignorant
I was just wondering if i were to stay on I was thinking about cruising until the show date but I get you I’ll have to pct and do another show

Thanks for the reply Dylan and Rick, it would be stupid to stay on that long your right much appreciated
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