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Splitting steroids help


Hey guys! Need some advice with scheduling my injections. I am an experienced steroid user, but still have some difficulties with this task, as I have never before used any long estered steroids - mostly fast acting ones and orals. My plan was to cycle 600 mgs of testosterone enanthate, and 400 mgs of Trenbolone acetate. so I would inject test and tren on the same day, some days and not on others? and inject the remains of the test a couple of days later. How does that sound? Will it work well for me? Any clarifications will be much appreciated.


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You have two choices and neither is wrong:

Bro just treat them as two different schedules, do the testosterone enanthate injections once per week and do the trenbolone acetate every other day. Do not worry when they watch and when they dont.

You can also just break down your testosterone dose into smaller every other day shots and do it that way too.

Pick one, both will work just fine.


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Mexico has given some good advice here - just treat them as separate steroids, and give them two different schedules. Inject the acetate everyother day, and the testosterone enanthate twice per week on those days when you don't inject the trenbolone. It will be just fine, as each of these steroids has its own duration of activity.