Source Recommendation to APO? Please read details...


Hey guys. I'm civilian contractor working here in Iraq right now. After I get back from vacation next month, I plan on running a good cycle out here. I'm contemplating the best way to get everything over here. I originally planned on mailing it all to myself from the states (while I'm home on vacation in a couple weeks), but don't want any issues back home if anything is flagged and returned to sender or seized.

So basically, I'm looking for a good domestic source with the absolute most stealth packaging, to ensure everything is delivered to me here at my APO address without issue. They do seem to be pretty strict on the mail restrictions. My girlfriend mailed me a package before, which was returned to sender for "containing prohibited items- alcohol," because there was a bottle of cologne in it. I'm not sure how they detect the alcohol, but I'm assuming packages also have a chance of being x-rayed and what not. I know there are a number of good domestic sources here, but if any feel particularly confident in shipping to my APO, or if any come highly recommended in this regard, please let me know.

On a side not, I was also wondering if getting the actual needles sent out here would be an issue. That could potentially throw up a red flag. Would suck to get all of my gear, then have no needles. Mail delivery can take over a month so everything has to be planned in advance. I might order from my regular medical source online, and mail myself some as well as a backup.

Thanks guys! Tryin to get my physique on point out here before my August/September trip to Dubai and SE Asia.
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