Sore balls on test


I'm on week 4 of Test E 350 mg per week pinning twice a week. Was planning on adding DGA at week 11 as Dylan suggested. At the 2 week mark my balls started to ache. That's been going on for a week. My trainer said I should blast with HCG. I took 500 iu a week ago, did nothing then he suggested a larger dose, so I took 2000 iu 3 days ago, the next day I felt quite a bit better, then back to aching again.

Am I missing something? Is this common or could this just be me being too sensitive to the gear? Any suggestions or should I come off and do my pct and go back to sarms? TIA everyone.
dont listen to your trainer first of all, clearly hes only going to give you bad advice and should not be advising you at all... you can start dga now and that should help but you should not be having that kind of an issue only 4 weeks in to begin with
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