Second week of test cycle problems


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So I have just completed the second week of Test-E 350mg/wk.

I am definitely adding weight, however, it may seem as tho I am adding more fat than muscle. Additionally, my dick stopped working and my face is holding a lot of water which make me think my estrogen is too high. I did not buy an AI because every thing that i was told/read said that I would not likely need it with such a low does of test and running test only. My diet is on point at about 3000cals day and I also do cardio about 3 times per week. I know it is soon, but should I start to look for an AI? It would take weeks to get here. I do have ample amounts of nolva/cloumid if that helps at all? Thank you
Get an AI immediately, or bail on the cycle for now. It sounds like your estrogen is extremely high (you would need to get bloodwork to confirm this).
You always have to have an AI at hand, no matter the experience of any other.

Rapid far storage + bloating from Test = High Estrogens.

Get Arimidex (Astranozol) if you are low on budget.
Get Aromasin (Exemestane) if you don't mind to pay 2x/3x the price of Arimidex.

For Arimidex start with 1mg for 3 days, 0,5 the next 3 days then continue with 0,5 mg EOD.

For Aromasin start with 25mg for 3 days, 12,5 mg the next 3 days then continue with 12,5 EOD.
go to the source section...

i have no clue where you read to not use an ai etc but thats just fucking nonsense and pisses me off to no end that someone would ever advise that... 350 is not a low dose.. its a moderate one... and many people are estrogen sensitive out there, in fact, far more are than are not...
is it possible to come off cycle right now and restart in Oct when I have an AI? If so, would I still run a normal 4 week pct with nolva and cloumid? Thank you
sorry to ask so many questions, I just want to make I dont fuck myself up more than I already am and I would like to say thank you again.

Do I wait 2 weeks before starting PCT? and also what mg would you recommend for nolva and cloumid? Thank you sir for your help
yes, you wait two weeks...

25 mg of clomid and 20 of nolvadex 4 weeks is plenty

i would also take M1 MK which is a test booster at least 4 weeks, after you finish the clomid and nolvadex... you can get that at

get yourself stabilized and wait until you actually know how to properly run a cycle for next time
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