Scammer Alert... User Tbimbo


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Scammer alert...

DO NOT take any orders from this person or any emails... He is a piece of shit, scum bag scammer.

I have a wide array of pm's from him where Dylan Gemelli directly helped him set up a stack. A multitude of questions he went over with him and then he even confirmed that he placed an order at for a very large stack where he spent over 800... He did so during the 25% off sale and saved a ton on his order.

I was informed today by that this person is now claiming his credit card was stolen and he never made the purchases and this was done AFTER he received his order in the mail. He is reporting this charge to attempt to get his money back. He is a pure piece of shit. I have ALL messages saved to confirm this as well. DO NOT take orders or emails from this person... This type of shit is disgusting and despicable. Blacklist this piece of shit from your lists

The user is Tbimbo

Once again, the user name is Tbimbo and his email is [email protected]
all facts... i spent a lot of time going back and forth with this scum bag and i have all the messages saved including this guy claiming he was making the order etc... what a fucking piece of dog shit!​

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