Chargeback SCAMMER ALERT!! Jeff Bober and Cody Willis


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It has been brought to our attention that we have more scammers pulling chargebacks after receiving products out there so as per policy, when you attempt to do this type of things to sponsors, you are then publicized everywhere resulting in posting of all personal information to ensure these people are blacklisted and exposed!

We apparently have two different scammers to notify everyone to be on the look out for.

Piece of trash number 1

jeff bober
541 w michigan ave
phoenix, AZ 85023

[email protected]


Piece of trash number 2

Cody Willis
1410 park ashwood court
Saint Peters, MO 63304

[email protected]


As a reminder to anyone that thinks they will get away with scamming and abusing anyone...

You will be exposed for the pieces of shit that you are...
There is no room for things like this to be going on. People are just terrible at times and it sucks for the good people out there!
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