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Hi Dylan

Seen a lot of your content on YouTube recently, your doing a great job man, really is great content and helped me a lot.

I’ve been weight training around 4/5 years now and have decided to try sarms for the first time.

I have used testosterone in the past, but this was very early on in my “lifting career” and something i will never be doing again, i was silly for doing it so early but hey ho, it happened. The gains were good but I didn’t enjoy the sides afterwards, i researched a great deal, had all my pct in place an followed through with everything to plan, but the suppression and acne all over my back during pct sucked!!!!!
Sarms really do interest me tho, and i want to use them when i go into my cutting phase at the end of may.
By that time I’m expecting to be around 192/194 lbs, 16/18 % body fat, i’m 5f 11” and 30 years old.

My goal for the cut and the reason for possibly using sarms is firstly to help keep hold of muscle and also possibly try and gain a bit to, probably unlikely but would be great if i could.

Having done a lot of research I think i have decided the stack I would use is gw-501516 at 20 mg p/d, S4 at 50 mg p/d and rad 140 at 10 mg p/d.
What do you think of that? Or is there something else you would suggest. Could i expect suppression or acne after that cycle when i went into the mini pct?

Last thing, I see you recommend Sarmsx as the best supplier to get them from, what i’m worried about more than anything is buying dodgy stuff, i’ve read a lot of horror stories and i just want to make sure i get 100% sarms when I purchase them, can I guarantee that from them? I have looked on their website and the bottle sizes only come in ML, whats the conversation to mg? Its not really a conversion that can be made without knowing more info than just the ML.
Or is there anyone in the uk you could recommend? I live here so would be easier.


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chances of acne are very slim... sarmsx has been closed for nearly 2 years... they just reopened by people that purchased the domain and are now scamming people... stay a million miles from them... is the company i recommend... they will ship to you in the uk... the uk has some of the worst companies around... steer clear of companies there...

yes, that stack is a very nice stack to go with...