bannednutritionRegenRx looking for loggers!

For 18 days today . I had a very nice physic. But with my injury I let myself go . I'm looking to get back to where I was ( looking wise ) and kinda stay away from the gear ya know . With this rad I definitely have increased my strength and and my fat content has decreased. I was also thinking about trying mk677 . I do have some inflammation and on leg days I do have some pain for a few days afterwards. How effective is ibutamoren for helping with old injuries ? I've heard a lot about the appetite increase from other people but I dont seem to hear much about it helping with old injuries .

why don't you log it and find out for yourself.

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to log, you would need to be very active brother... 6 posts is generally not going to work for people giving away free products
For sure I figured
Still planning on using them for the rest of the cycle!
nice bro... they made a post that anyone keeping a log with their products could get a free bottle of their choice on their next order... so if you buy your own cycle and run a log of it, you can still get a free bottle of whatever you want on your next order
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