Sarms for endurance


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I am about to start a stack and had a quick question... this is not my first sarms stack I have run a few in the past but it had been a few years... my goal is endurance,endurance,endurance if I lose fat that?s an added bonus but ultimately I need to cut time off my runs and increase muscle endurance for body weight exercises

I am about to run :
Cardarine at 20 mg a day (yes I know technically not a sarm)
Ostarine at 15mg a day ( I was going to do 20 but the bottle comes in 30mg per ml )

My question is would adding SR9009 be too much ? Or would it be better to replace Ostarine with SR9009?

Plan on running both for 12 weeks

Any and all advice welcomed


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If its just endurance than you can stack all 3 or if just 2 i def vote for Cardarine and Sr9009.