Sarms 1 week break


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Planning on taking s4 and gw for a 12 week cycle.

Now, on week 8 I will be away for a 1 week vacation and will not be able to take the sarms with me.

Will that completely restart my cycle/benefits? Or it's fine, just get back on it when I come back?


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Your blood levels will plummet with a 7 day break. Why can't you take them with you?

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Bali's drug laws is harsh. I don't wanna mess about the droppers in customs if questioned l.

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I would say its more like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. I hear you on Bali, dont wanna fuck around there. But you could hide it in like a visine bottle, contact solution bottle, etc. I'll be bring gw with me on a long diving trip tothe south pacific, mine will be in a mouthwash small bottle. They'll smell alcohol, and be good enough.


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clearly it will hinder them, yes... it wont completely ruin the cycle but it will take away from it, yes...


I would definitely find a way to take it. 7 days is 1/12 of your cycle needless to say. That's a big portion in my opinion.


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Just put them in your checked bag bro. I don't see why you can't do that and take them