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Safely running an oral as your main "blast steroid"?


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So over the years I've come to the conclusion that winstrol is my favorite steroid. Well, that's a lie, tren is, but I feel winstrol comes close enough without all the baggage. I actually gain about 7 lbs on average from a 4 week, 50mg cycle, and being that these days I stay at single digit body fat the majority of the year, I really reap the drying/cosmetic rewards as well.

I'm on TRT, 100mg weekly, and to be totally transparent I supplement that with 200mg of masteron per week. (You can tell I really value keeping water-weight off over everything)

Thing is I've always done orals sporadically, my main way of blasting and cruising has just been to up my test to about 350mg for 8 weeks (test prop) and then go on my TRT dose for 8 weeks. I really am not a big fan of higher testosterone, not just because of the look but I feel far better just staying on 100mg. And out of everything I've tried, Winstrol just gives me the results I like.

As for my actual question, is it safe to blast and cruise with and oral (in this case winny) in a similar fashion? I assume one month on/one month off would be too harsh on the lipids, would it be more like a 2 off 1 on or 3 off 1 on ratio? I've never had my bloodwork come back looking bad afterwards, but we're now talking being on on a fairly regular basis.

As far as my support supplements, I take a general all in-one product year round but would add the following to the 30 day winstrol cycles:
Liv 52 375mg
Nac 1200mg
Tudca 500mg
Niacin 500mg
Red Yeast Rice 600mg with 100mg of Ubiquinol
Hawthorne Berry 600mg
Beet Root Extract 500mg
Pumpkin Seed Extract 1000mg
Pygeum 500mg

That covers liver, cholesterol, blood pressure and prostate. My doctor is a nice lady and totally ok with doing my bloodwork on a monthly basis for a year or so to see how I react but I still want some opinions before I go about this. Thank you.


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i would only run orals a few times a year... i just dont think its wise, especially with winstrol, which is much more toxic than some people understand, to run it 5-6 times a year, personally, its a lot to me... 3 or 4 times a year is as high as i would go, even if its only 4 week blasts... thats up to you and its not that its not doable, but over time, thats too much internally...