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We use Myglyol for stability in the oils, we press our own Tabs, we triple filter and once we receive every raw, we send it away again for 3rd party testing. Sometimes we can't even brew or make Tabs for a couple of months after we initially receive the raws. That gets expensive. We cut no corners and put out an incredible product that's as clean as can be found. We don't sell on price for sure.

Wickr: Tazzog
We are all about safety, we take extreme protocols when shipping, our extremely easy payment process, lab testing and even down to throwing away entire raw batches that are even 1% below our standard.
All customers that choose us will receive free cycle advice, diet advice, cycle tips and help from me personally.
Why wait a month, worry about customs and signatures from international when you can have our product at your door in 2-3 days from this very second?
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