Pharmacom Test Cyp/Tbol/Dbol Cycle Review and ROIDTEST Results


Hi all. I'm here to log and review my cycle from pharmacom. I'm going to get a little bit of hell for this because it was a little unconventional but it worked out for me and I'm very happy with the results. Because it was my first time using it, I chose to test it against ROIDTEST. All three substances passed both tests (if you're not familiar with ROIDTEST, you test it against 2 substance ampules)

Here is a photo of one of the successful tests. Their product names are PHARMATEST C 250, PHARMABOL 100, and TURINABOLOS.

Ok now back to background.
Goal: powerlifting and strongman
Beginning: 172 ~ 13-15% BF
End: 181 @ 13~15% BF
Cycle: 420mg test cyp / wk for 12 weeks
40mg turinabol ED for first 4wk
60mg dianabol EOD for 2nd 4wk
1mg Arimidex ED
Liver protection: 2 TUDCA/d + 4 "cycle support" liver multi / d
Note: I did not increase my arimidex when I started dianabol. Some may argue I should have. I didn't plan well and I was running out of what I got from TRT. A lesson learned for next time.

Results: 5/5 very happy with size and recovery changes.
Using pharmacom site: 5/5 everything was easy, it arrived about 10d earlier than they initially projected and the PHARMABOL 100 was free.
Customer service: 5/5 Tazz is very accessible and very helpful
Advice: use bitcoin. WU charges a fee and you save 10%. And BTC just fell again so who knows you may actually make some money.

Summary of results: sex drive went through the roof even though it was already high on TRT. Gained 8/9# we'll see what I keep. Gym aggression and focus was noticeably increased. Felt that euphoria the first week or two of dbol but it tapered off. Life stuff and work, I got less sleep so that's probably why. I didn't test maxes because it's not conducive to my current training evolution. But i seemed to gain work capacity in heavy squat and press work, noticeably. I set a couple rep PRs.. In terms of heavy volume that I could tolerate and recover from more.

So the reason for going oral to oral was to assess my tolerance. See how it affected my liver. I had a liver panel done at the end of tbol and there was about a 2pt elevation. Nothing shocking, in range. So I took 5 days off an oral, kept supplementing liver, had some Johnnie Walker Blue at my brother'a birthday, couple days later started the dianabol. Now the thing about PHARMABOL is that it's injectable dbol, so it has to be frequent and it's crazy painful. I will not be repeating that. It came free and it works just as good, some say a little better, so I decided to try it. My pre cycle estradiol on .5mg arimdex/wk was about 27. I didn't have it checked after tbol because tbol isn't wet anyway. At the end of the last week of dbol, I had it checked at my TRT doc and I haven't seen the result yet I will post up when I do. Liver enzymes were more elevated but not dangerously, sorry I don't have the #off hand.

Couple notables. Last week of dbol it was burning when I urinate a little. Not that bad. For some reason for me tricep injections are less painful than delt injections. Quad injections hurt for a few days. Glute is by far and away the best place for dianabol in particular, as the "cigar being put out on an open wound" sensation is mitigated.

I began to re-incur a shoulder tweak I've had since surgery 2y ago because I was recovering from a good deal more press volume so i just kept on pushing, so that's a lesson which I knew to look out for with Dbol, but it happened anyway.

Between my results, my ROIDTEST and their dosing tests they publish, my next cycle later this fall sort of planned to be Test/Bold/Tbol will come from them. Thanks.
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