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I want to endorse Pharma Lady again. In March I placed an order that was shipped March 20th... come May 20th I still did not receive the package nor did I get a letter saying the product was seized. I was able to trace the package to Chicago...which is where it disappeared.... Not Seized...”lost”...

That’s the risk you take when you purchase these things. Pharma Lady has a seizure Policy, but the risk of losing a shipment is just part of the game.

I kept PL in the loop and even placed another order that arrived in less then a week. Finally I asked about the “lost” shipment. I figured I was out $400 bucks....oh well...

But to my surprise and delight PL offered to reship the order even though it was not seized. She shipped the replacement out last Wednesday and it arrived in 6 days.

When you are buying these drugs, you are breaking laws and taking a risk in receiving, junk or never getting anything...

Rest assured that Pharma Lady has quality gear, cares about her customers, our community and has great Reps that don’t fuck with

Well done!

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Thank you for sharing your experience. 9.9 times out of 10 Pharma Lady will do whatever she can to right the situation as long as you have patience and remain kind and professional throughout the process.
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