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I'll be starting a 12 week cycle tomorrow
500 test E (1-12)
Tbol (1-5)

I'm going to run 500mcg a week of hcg along side of 12.5mg of aromasin every 4 days. What would be the best pct protocol I've cycled in the past just during pct my sex drive crashes. Any and all advice is appreciated.
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when you are in pct, you are going to get a major spike in cortisol... cortisol is termed the "gains killer" for a reason... it will put you into a catabolic state which will not allow you to build muscle and at the same time will eat it away, on top of the fact you will also get unwanted fat gain... so you will lose muscle and gain fat that you had just busted your ass an entire cycle for... GW and MK prevent the rise in cortisol... not only that but they keep you performing at a level you were while on cycle being the ultimate performance enhancers they are... on top of the fact that mk2866 is the ultimate for healing and recovery, which is imperative in pct as well as keeping strength up to a very high level... gw will also treat cholesterol and blood pressure, which are definitely things that need addressed in pct as well…

clomid 50/50/50/25//25/25
nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5 mg eod
mk-2866 25 mg day (ONLY 4 WEEKS)
gw-501516 20 mg day