PCT and MK677 Help please


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I have been running a 9 week cycle of RAD140 and MK677 with great results and have gained 9 kg in that time from 92kg to 101kg. Really happy with the results.

Finished the RAD140 today and so will now go onto a 4 week PCT of gw and clomid.

My two questions are 1- Would you recommend to keep using the MK677 throughout the PCT (and 4 week break after PCT) and 2 - I want to maintain 101kg for at least 4 weeks before slowly cutting, would you expect wait to drop coming off the RAD140 if my nutrition remains the same or would you increase cals to combat this?

Any helpful advice would really be appreciated.

you are supposed to keep running mk 677 for up to 6 months to get full benefits, ofc keep running it , it will help you keep your gains
Mk677 is one you should run for the extended periods. It doesn’t effect the hormones the same way the others do.
There are some short term benefits with MK-677 such as increased IGF, increased appetite, deeper sleep, but if you want long term fat loss and new muscle cells to grow it's a long term commitment.
mk677 should be ran at least 6 months to get max benefits so you definitely need to stay on it through pct...
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